Middle School and High School are some of the most rewarding and stressful times for a teenager! We're not saying that we know best but we think we can be a big support system for you as you navigate your teenage years. Our goal is for you to know Jesus and to know his Word because, without it, none of us could survive hardships that life throws at us sometimes. Here is what we are promising to do as you seek the Kingdom inside of our CABC Student Ministry - 

  1. Be a support to you. Give you encouragement when you need it even when you think you don't!

  2. Help you to find resources for specific questions you have or obstacles you are going through

  3. Be available when you have questions. Not only discuss hard topics but also help you find resources to answer your questions. 

  4. Connect you with a few resources that will help in your quiet time. 

Below are a few different websites that we as a youth ministry use to help you with your quiet time with God each day. 

1. Josh McDowell Daily Devotionals - Sign up for daily devotionals here! 

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