Vacation Bible School

June 28th - July 2nd

 Vacation Bible School (VBS) is our summer kids program, but what we, here at Coggin Youth, love about VBS is the opportunity for older students to serve the young and be an example to them.

We believe in the power of roll-modeling service. VBS is the perfect opportunity to do both of those things.

If you or your student are interested in volunteering, contact Marcy Ross.

Welcome Week

June 28th - July 2nd

Welcome Week is 3 days during the summer where we invite all of our incoming 7th Graders into our youth group. Upper class-men and the leaders of the youth team get to know and teach the new students about what being apart of a youth group looks like and what is expected of them. We always love getting to know our new students and look forward to this week every year.


Sondays Camp

July 11th-16th

Coggin has been attending Sondays Camp for over 20 years. It's a summer church camp in Cedar Hill, TX, where students get a break from the world, from their phone, and from social media to focus back in on God and on each other. Every year we have an amazing speaker who challenges students in how they live out their faith and how they share that with others. Sondays Camp is one our highlights of the year and we can not wait to go back this year.

The cost is yet to be determined.

Click HERE to register.